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Hey loves!

Summer is back and it is this time of the year when where we all try to avoid wearing many accessories in order not to sweat. My tip for styling up basics is to pick one accessory that catches people's attention. Here are my top five accessories that do the job and work with almost any kind of outfit:

1. The Ring

When talking about a ring that upgrades your outfit, I do not mean just any ring. I mean the ring. The one that fits perfectly, gives you confidence, and makes you look at your hand just so you can adore your ring. I used to wear a golden flower ring from H&M for a long time before getting the Charlotte ring system from Ehinger-Schwarz. You can change the top part of the ring so that it matches all of your outfits. The ring shown in this picture is actually the same as the ring in the article's title picture. While I love the system, I find it quite pricy and think that you can start with some statement rings from H&M or Zara. But if you are one of the ring lovers out there, check out Ehinger Schwarz's Charlotte ring system!

2. Something Different

Wearing something that people do not see everyday is often enough to make it seem special. This bangle for your upper arm is a rather unusual accessory and it definitely turns every basic white dress into a very fashionable outfit. If you guys are looking for something like this, I would recommend looking at Claire's, H&M, or Zara. I would not recommend investing a lot into these accessories because you will tend to wear them less than other accessories.

3. A Hairband

Many of us tend to forget that there are amazing accessories to put in our hair. You do not have to wear a huge flower crown to pimp your outfit, a simple hairband is enough. Hairbands make it super easy to create beautiful (and complicated-looking) hairstyles. If you guys do not have a lot of experience with using hairbands, just check out a few youtube videos on it. It is super easy to wear a hairband in a fashionable way and hairbands are available for little money.

4. Statement Necklaces

I have talked about them on my blog before and I am still in love with them. Statement necklaces make it so easy to make anything look fashionable. Whenever I wear one of my statement necklaces, I get compliments on them. I only own three statement necklaces but that is already enough to cover the colour palette of my closet. I would highly recommend adding a statement necklace to your a accessory collection because they can be worn to almost any event - no matter whether it is a formal event or a casual party.

5. Shades

The next time you are buying shades, make sure that the sunglasses make you look fashionable - even if you are simply wearing jeans and a basic white shirt. Even when the sun goes down, you can use one of the temples to put the shades into your shirt's collar. Many think of shades only as items that you pull out when it gets way too sunny - but they can serve a purpose in your outfit-building.

Lots of Love,



Ring - Ehinger Schwarz

Bangle - H&M

Necklace - Primark

Sunglasses (grey) - Joop (vintage)

Sunglasses (black) - Dolce & Gabbana

Sunglasses (black & gold) - privat

Sunglasses (red) - Accessorize

Bag - Primark

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