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How I Got Into UWC

Hey loves!

I have often asked myself what the one factor was that made UWC Germany decide to give me a spot at an United World College. I know that many of you guys are trying to figure out what will get you into UWC and so I went back to my application material and determined the five things that I think got me into UWC. I do, however, think that this does not mean that you need to check those five boxes and the your spot is secure. I think that there might be boxes I don't even know of. Applicants to UWC do all sorts of things and maybe you are doing something that does not fit any of these categories but will nonetheless impress the selection committee. So please do not feel like you need to be an exact copy of any previously admitted student! We are all very different from one another, and that is what made us learn so much from one another.

The five things I believe got me into UWC are my grades, my subject selection, my written application, my extracurriculars, and my teachers' letters of recommendation. If you guys would like to have more details on these, please check out the video linked above. I would, however, like to point out that the German UWC selection process is accompanied by an interviewing process and you will also have to impress the committee there. Impress sounds a little bit misleading here - you are not supposed to brag about all your achievements. Just be yourself and they will assess to what degree you are a good fit for UWC. If you would like to have some tips for your interview, here is a video I did on the UWC interview.

I still have a few videos I filmed at LPCUWC and I will upload them soon for you guys. If you guys have any questions or have suggestions for videos/articles, please message me!

Lots of Love,


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