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Travel Memories

Hey loves!

I got back from Paris last week and I went through all the pictures I took while in Paris over this weekend. Paris is my favourite city and I always discover something new about the city whenever I am there. I went to Paris with my two aunts and we went on an ice cream parlour tour, visited the Game of Thrones exhibition, walked around the streets of Paris, and visited several art exhibitions and installations. I put together a little video that summarises our travel:

We went to an art installation called Atelier des Lumières which I would highly recommend. You enter the room and you are literally in the installation. They use paintings from different artists and turn them into an installation. The installation is accompanied by great music and you literally do not want to go back to reality when you are in this room. We also visited another similar art installation called teamLab which is a Japanese art installation. I liked the teamLab installation but I personally preferred the first exhibition because I think the first one gives you much more for the same price. Since I am a passionate foodie, we went on a little ice cream parlour tour. Although we were initially planning on only focusing the tour on ice cream, our first stop ended up being L'Éclair de Génie where you can eat the best éclair of your life. We then tried ice cream shaped like a flower at Amorino, ate Berthillon ice cream, and tried some of the craziest types of ice cream at Glaces Glazed. I absolutely loved this tour and I would highly recommend picking a topic (like ice cream) for a tour when you are visiting a city you have already been to. A tour like this makes you explore new places and you avoid simply visiting the typical tourist attractions.

When scrolling through my photos app, I realised that there is a ton of footage from Berlin that I had not shared with you guys yet. I went to Berlin to intern at the Bundestag, spend some time with my best friend, and go to the Summer Academy Young Titans. I spent a total of two weeks there and my first week was spent working. Then my friend and I explored Berlin a little and I then spent my final weekend in Berlin at the Summer Academy Young Titans. The Summer Academy is an event for young people who would like to get career-related advice from experienced mentors. I joined the event with an open mind and I have gotten so much out of it so I would like to say thank you for this great opportunity! If you get admitted to the academy through the online application, you automatically receive a scholarship that covers all the costs (except your travel costs) for the event. I would highly recommend applying for this event to reflect on your goals, learn from people with a lot of experience, and meet people from all over the world. If you would like to get a taste of what the academy is like, here is the video they published of this year's academy:

I also got the chance to spend some time with my best friend while I was in Berlin and I complied a little video about our memories. We did not visit many of the typical tourist attractions since we had already been to Berlin together a few years back. We found an amazing candy store, Sugafari, which sells sweets from all over the world. If you visit Berlin, this is a must-visit if you are a candy-lover! Here is the video of our travel memories:

Lots of Love,


The title picture of this article was taken by Jutta Brenner.

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