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Secret Weapons


Do you know these days when you wake up, look in the mirror and you are greeted by some pretty black eye rings or a spot that decided to take the colour of your favourite red lipstick? I have five concealers for all emergencies and I'll be sharing with you guys which I use when and how I apply them. And since "Crazy Rich Asians" is finally out, I just had to do a title picture inspired by the movie!

Studio Finish Concealer - MAC

This concealer is my favourite concealer for hiding the worst of the worst spots. I love applying it with a concealer brush before applying foundation. But be careful with this concealer - too much of it can make your face look caky! You have to blend the concealer well so that your foundation will not look weird on top of it. This concealer can colour correct any spot and I would highly recommend this concealer for anyone struggling with blemished skin.

Éclat Lumière - Chanel

Ok, this one is technically not a concealer but a highlighter - but it is the best eye ring corrector I have ever used! The concealer has its own applicator and I like applying it in the under-eye area with the applicator and then blend it with a beauty blender. This concealer does need setting powder to prevent creasing but it gives you a very natural look. I use it in the shade 30 Beige Rosé which makes my under-eye area look a lot more natural than when I cover it with some very light or yellow concealers.

Pro Longwear Concealer - MAC

Every once in a while, we have a spot that refuses to be covered up with an under-foundation concealer and foundation on top with it. This concealer is my last resort when it comes to spots and it has never let me down! I apply it with my fingers on the spot I am trying to cover and then blend it with light tapping. If you decide to use a concealer for coverage on top of your foundation, I would recommend brining your foundation when buying the concealer because your concealer needs to match your foundation. If they do not match, the difference in colour will be visible and will only put more attention to the spot.

Correcteur Perfection - Chanel

Did you have a really long night that your Éclat Lumière could not hide? Here comes your saviour! I only use this concealer when I need some extra brightness in my face in order to look less tired. I usually apply this in a huge triangle under my eyes in order to look more awake. This one looks less natural than the Éclat Lumière but it also covers a lot more.

Select Cover-Up - MAC

If you are looking for something similar to the Pro Longwear Concealer but for smaller spots, this is your concealer! I use this one on small spots that somehow manage to resist the coverage of my foundation. But be warned, this concealer can easily cover up small spots but very red and crusty ones are not in its league! I would recommend applying this one with a beauty blender in order to ensure that it does not leave any colour difference behind.

I hope this helps some of you guys with picking a concealer! I would love to hear about your favourites - let me know about them through a message!

Lots of Love,



Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana

Earrings - Forever 21

Disclaimer: Although brand names are given in this article, this article does not contain sponsored advertising.

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