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A Travel through Time

Hey loves!

Have you ever read a book written about a different time and reading it felt like going back in time? Whenever I re-read Désirée, I feel like I can look at Napoleon and almost smell the food on the table of Désirée's family.

In case you do not know the book, here is a short summary: Désirée, a young girl living in Marseille, meets the young Napoleon and becomes his first-time fiancée. Napoleon leaves to pursue his career in the military and long story short, their relationship does not work out and Napoleon ends up marrying another woman. Désirée marries a marshal and lives in Paris with him. Although her relationship with Napoleon did not work out, their paths continue to cross. The story is written as Désirée's diary and although the entries are fictional, the story is based on actual historical facts.

Since it is written like a diary, the entries are very relatable despite the fact that the story plays in a very different time. When reading this book for the first time, I did not know the historical background and I loved the different turns the story took. Finding out that the story was true made the book even more mind-blowing because the story of Désirée seemed to have almost too much in it for one human life.

I love reading about times that are long gone because reading about them is the closest we can get to experiencing them. Since this book is written as a diary, you are put in Désirée's position when reading it and as a teenage girl, it is easy to understand her insecurities and worries. There are, however, also things that seem somewhat strange to us today which is what reminds me of how much has changed since Désirée lived.

If you are looking for a book to escape the world for a few minutes a day, I would highly recommend this one! It is not a tough read and you can easily read it before going to bed or while commuting to work or school. You can check out the book here*.

Do you know another amazing book I should put on my must-read list? I would love to know about it - please send its title to me!

Lots of Love,


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