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The Secret Behind the Curls

Hey loves!

When it comes to my hair routine, I value a quick and simple approach. I love styling my hair, but I do not have the time to spend hours on complicated hair treatments. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted my hair to grow longer. I had shoulder-length hair and wanted it to get at least 10cm longer. I reached out to my hair dresser and asked him about which shampoo he would recommend for my hair. If you guys have someone who knows your hair well, I would recommend reaching out to them and asking them for some advice. As someone who has literally no clue about what is actually good, I had no idea how to choose from the hundreds of options for shampoo in the store. My hair dresser recommended this shampoo* and hair treatment* to me years ago and I have not switched products since:

I aim for doing my hair treatment twice a week and I usually put it on my wet hair, let it sink in for half an hour or longer, and wash it out with my shampoo. I feel like my hair gets smoother through the treatment and I like to pretend that it makes my hair more healthy (although I have absolutely no idea whether this is actually true - but the good intent counts, doesn't it?).

After washing my hair, I add some hair oil* and another hair product* to it and then I braid it into two long braids. I experimented a lot with different hair styles for sleeping (yes, this is a thing!) and I realised that braids made my curls look best. If you have not settled for one yet, I would recommend looking for advice for your hair type on YouTube and trying out a few styles. The things I looked for was whether it was good for my hair, made it look good, and whether it was comfortable to sleep with it. My hair usually dries overnight and I simply undo the braids in the morning and leave my hair as it is.

If I do not wash my hair on an evening, I put it one big braid and use some dry shampoo in the morning. My hair is usually not oily after only one evening without shampoo, but I feel like the dry shampoo makes the hair look a little bit better on these days. I love using this dry shampoo from Lush.

I hope this helps the people who asked for my hair routine. If you guys have any questions for me or would like me to write an article on a particular topic, please feel free to message me!

Lots of Love,


*Links marked with * are affiliate links. If you use these links to buy a product, I get a small commission. The product's price does not increase for you. It is of course your choice where you buy your products, but it would mean a lot if you would support my blog using my affiliate links.

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