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Meet Current Cambridge Students

Hey loves!

Over the past months, many of you guys have written to me through my blog about your upcoming Cambridge interviews. It has been great to hear from so many of you and I would love to meet as many of you as possible in person! I will be staying in Cambridge a little bit longer and I decided to give you guys the opportunity to meet some current students in an informal setting. My friend (who is studying mathematics) and I will be in Crêpeaffaire on December 2nd, 7th, and 10th from 6pm to 8pm and you can just drop by and have a chat with us!

You can find the location here:

Please feel free to drop by for a few minutes or the entire two hours. You can bring specific questions about student life at Cambridge or you can just join us to have a chat with current students. Please let us know if you are joining us by responding to the poll in the video so that we can get a big enough table!

I hope to meet many of you guys soon and best of luck to all of you who are having interviews in the next weeks!

Lots of Love,


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