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An Effective Study Plan

Hey loves!

My mock exams are coming closer and closer and so I thought this would be a great time to share with you guys how I organise my study plans. I do not normally use study plans during term time, but I usually rely on them when working towards a larger exam. I had a very long and extensive study plan when I prepared for my finals and I talked about it here. I had a smaller version of it for my mock exams and I shared one week of it with you guys in the above video.

To me, the most important thing about making a study plan is knowing what tasks you have to tackle in preparation for your exams. That is why I would recommend making a list of all the things you need to do to be prepared for your exams. Sit down for at least thirty minutes and think about all the things you might be tested on. If unsure, I would recommend looking at your subject's syllabus and checking whether you have all the resources for a point on your syllabus, whether you have your study notes for this point, and whether you have already revised that point.

Once you know what to do, I would recommend looking at how many weeks you have left until you will sit your exam. Personally, I like to use the template at the end of this article for my weekly study plans. You can download this template as a PDF here. It really helps me to visualise how many days I have left until my exam so it really helps me to look at all the weekly plans I can fill to the day of my exam.

When allocating tasks to the template, I would recommend using the first row for adding any activities you have planned for that day that do not concern studying. This allows you to see how much time you really have on a particular day and whether you should plan in some more down time because one of the activities might exhaust you. It is quite a bit of work to go through all the details of your calendar for a longer period of time and to look at all your engagements for the coming weeks, but I find it very helpful and I think the effort really pays off!

I hope that this helped some of you guys with planning your study time!

Lots of love,


Here is the template I use for weekly planning. You can download it as a PDF here.

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