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What Going to Museums Taught Me

Hey loves!

Over the past year, I have made an effort to visit more and more museums. I walked around halls filled with sculptures, ancient bones, modern art, and inventions of the twentieth century. Although I soon realised that I was more fascinated with baroque paintings than twentieth-century developments in the car industry, all these museums nonetheless inspired my creativity.

Walking through the carefully arranged halls and looking at things to which people had devoted a substantial amount of time made me realise the importance of taking our time when creating something. And it made me want to create something too.

When I was younger, I used to draw paintings, create jewellery, make clothes, and even design rooms on paper. But at some point, I seem to have grown out of the habit and I neglected my art more and more. Art started to become nothing more than a school subject to me. When I realised that I was not creating things for the sake of creating them, I made my first YouTube video which was directed at my art teacher. To this day, this video is unlisted, but I thought I would share it with you all here:

Back when I made the video, I did not even know what a thumbnail was or how to make one and the video was certainly not perfect, but it was a piece of art that I had created just for myself. That in itself made it important. I have since picked up art again and I love going to museums to get inspired. I have recently gotten an iPad Pro and I started drawing a little bit on it as well. I often draw just for fun or simply to get my mind off things and so far, it has been great. Here are some of my pieces:

The sketch at the beginning of this article is also one of mine and I created it based on a picture that a friend of mine took of me. You can see the sketch and the original picture here:

Another reason why I love going to museums is that walking through them feels like taking a break from the world. Museums are spaces that are designed to make you focus on certain things and to make you feel things. They do not occur naturally, but instead, they are created with purpose and some of them make you feel like you are in a different world for a while.

Looking at 2019, I hope that I will stay in the habit of exposing myself to more art and to try out different museums. I hope that I will keep drawing for the sake of doing it and I am looking forward to getting lost in museums in the future.

Do you know a good museum around Cambridge that I should visit? Let me know here!

Lots of Love,


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