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Killing Eve

Hey loves!

Yesterday, I came across the trailer of "Killing Eve"* on YouTube and I knew I had to watch the show. I immediately checked whether I could buy it online but the German iTunes Store unfortunately does not sell the show yet and Netflix does not have it yet (*cries on the inside*). So I went out to my local DVD store and got it. I was hooked immediately and ended up binge-watching the entire season in one sitting. It was worth it.

If you have not had a look at the trailer yet or it has been a while since you saw it, here is the trailer of the first season:

If you are looking for a show to binge-watch over easter break, I would highly recommend this one! The psychopathic assassin of the series will fascinate you, her relationship with the British intelligence agent will scare and intrigue you, and the suspenseful hunt for a successful assassin will have you fear for the good guys. After watching the amazing first season, I cannot wait for season two! I also put the book* on which the series is based on my reading list and I am excited to read it.

Since I only have two more days of lectures left for this term (I know, Cambridge terms are weird since they end in the middle of the week rather than on a Friday), I am finally getting some time to relax and I am planning to binge-watch a few shows on my bed for a few days after the end of term. After term ends, I will stay in college and I will be at the Offer Holders' Day of St. John's College on March 16. If you are coming to the event, I would love to meet you in person - come and say hi!

Do you have some good recommendations for shows I should binge-watch after the term ends? Let me know here!

Lots of Love,


The title picture of this article was taken by Cie Jen Wong.

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