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Revision Period Has Started!

Hey loves!

Since second term is officially over and exam term is just around the corner, revision period has officially started! I recently posted a picture of my revision plan and I got a lot of questions about how I schedule my study sessions and so I decided to share my revision method for my Cambridge finals with you all in a video.

I showed a few different plans in the video and you can find downloadable templates of them all here. I uploaded a word, PDF, and pages version of each plan and I hope that you will find them helpful. Please note that the documents were created as Pages documents and will therefore look best when opened in pages.

Regarding the big revision schedule, I wanted to add that the two pages I included in the template look different because one contains merged cells in the table and the other does not. I gave you guys both options because I know that many people prefer to break their revision apart even more and this is easier to do with unmerged cells!

I love making a big revision schedule because it helps me get an overview of how many days I have left until my exams start and when I can do what. It also makes your exam revision seem more manageable and gives you the feeling that you can tackle all the tasks that lie ahead. One of my teachers in high school gave me the tip that I will get rid of most of my fear of exams if I name a schedule that shows me that I can get through all of the things I need for my exams. And it really helped. When you are revising for big exams at the end of the year, there is just so much to do that it can easily seem overwhelming, but a schedule helps you to break it down into smaller chunks.

I hope you guys will find the templates helpful!

Got a question about my revision method? Feel free to message me here!

Lots of Love,


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