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Hey loves!

As someone who has worn makeup on a daily basis for years, I know that your skincare products are a lot more important than your makeup products. What is under your makeup determines how long your makeup will stay in place and how hydrated your skin will be throughout the day. I have dealt with acne for years and these products by no means made it go away, but they certainly decreased the intensity of it and helped my skin stay as healthy as it could be.

I do not believe that there is one product that will magically turn unclear skin into smooth and clear skin, but I do believe that there are products that can make your skin healthier and a little bit smoother and clearer over time. These products have helped me and maybe they can help some of you guys as well. I would recommend them to anyone with dry and acne-prone skin. There are also many great drug-store alternatives out there, but one thing that I would recommend when looking for products is to go for products which do not contain many perfume ingredients and are instead mainly made up of natural ingredients since these are less likely to increase acne breakouts.

Here are my go-to skincare products:


*This face creme is AMAZING! I have used this creme for ages and it has been my go-to creme since the first time I have used it! The creme is super hydrating and keeps your dry skin hydrated throughout the day when applied before putting on makeup. I use this creme before going to bed and before putting on my makeup and it usually supplies enough hydration for me. What I love most about this creme is that it hydrates your skin without making it look oily. It also connects with the skin very quickly and you only need to wait a few minutes before starting your makeup routine!


I love using *this primer on my driest areas and where I have spots. I usually use one to two pumps of the primer and start by applying it from the nose towards the outer parts of my face. It has a slight brightening effect, but not too extreme. It significantly increases how long your makeup lasts and it is amazingly hydrating. It also has a slight coverage effect (but I would not recommend it as a concealer). I have also observed that it helps reduce spots or at least minimise redness (and, I mean, who doesn't love a spot-reducing makeup product?).


When you wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, you need a good cleanser and this one is amazing! It really manages to get rid of all of your makeup and does so in a gentle way that does not dry out your skin - on the contrary, it helps hydrate your skin. You do not need a lot of it and I would recommend massaging it in before washing it off with hot water and a towel.


*This eye makeup remover is the most amazing eye makeup remover I've ever tried - it really gets rid of all your eye makeup and is suitable for sensitive skin. The formula makes it necessary to give the bottle a shake before using it. I would recommend using it on a wet cotton pad. Usually, one wet cotton pad with this cleanser is enough to get rid of all my eye makeup. They usually have samples of this cleanser at the Chanel counter, so I would highly recommend asking for one to try it out.


*This toner is not a necessity in anyone's makeup routine, but it is certainly a great addition if you would like to add something a little bit extra to your routine. I like to put a little of it on a cotton pad and apply it right after cleansing my face on days when I like to give my skin a little bit more attention. It has a great scent and is a great treat for your skin. I know that you are technically supposed to use this product twice a day, but I tend to use it whenever I feel like it.

Do you know an amazing skincare product that I should give a try? Let me know here!

Lots of Love,


*Links marked with * are affiliate links. If you use these links to buy a product, I get a small commission. The product's price does not increase for you. It is of course your choice where you buy your products, but it would mean a lot if you would support my blog by using my affiliate links.

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