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Hey loves!

Three years ago, I shared some tips for organising your wardrobe with you guys. I still follow these tips and in the video above I showed you guys what my wardrobe looks like thanks to this organisation.

One thing I have learned after going to school on another continent and flying home over the holidays is that rolling your clothes is the best way to prevent them from getting wrinkles. I would highly recommend rolling your clothes because it also makes it much easier to take out clothes and to see what you can wear. Whenever I fold clothes and put them on top of one another, I usually end up taking half the folded clothes out when I am trying to get one piece that is in the middle. That is why folding my clothes has become my preferred method for storing clothes. Another plus point is that it also saves you space when travelling!

Another thing that I would highly recommend is to get some organisers for your jewellery. IKEA has an amazing selection and I find them very useful because they prevent your accessories from forming knots with one another and keep everything organised in a way that makes it easy for you to find it all. I used to have one big jewellery box in which all my accessories were just lying around and it was a mess (I am sure almost every girl has had a box like that at one point or another...) and cleaning it up and putting all my jewellery in organisers was definitely a good investment of my time.

There is also something that I still need to work on when it comes to my wardrobe: Getting rid of old clothes that no longer fit me or that I simply do not wear anymore. Since I was away in boarding school for two years, I grew out of a lot of clothes without even realising it. When I came back for summer break, I did not make the time to go through my wardrobe to get rid of anything that I no longer wear (but I really should have done that!). I am planning to do this over the summer now and I am still looking for good places to donate or sell the clothes (I don't know, is eBay still a thing for this?!). If you know a great place for either donating or selling clothes, I would be very grateful if you would let me know here.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

Lots of love,


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