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Hey loves!

There is a guy in Chicago, probably currently struggling to get it together to actually get his PhD in Physics. He and I met on my first day at St. John's College, Cambridge and we somehow became friends. Now, one and a half years after talking to him for the first time in the buttery that morning, we are close friends and we text a lot.

Since he was a graduate student at the college, he left after the last academic year and he is now doing his best to get his PhD. Given that he is so far away, I can unfortunately not knock on his door now to congratulate him on his birthday, so I am writing this post instead. I would just like to use it say thank you. For being there when things did not go well. For making me laugh. For getting me food when I was feeling sick. For always believing in me. For getting up early to take the picture of this post in the cold.

Every friendship is different and ours is filled with lots of jokes but also really intense debates. I am so grateful to have a friend who I can exchange memes and GIFs with and then have an intense debate on cloning with. I am even grateful for all his terrible sports references which I never fully understand (no thanks to his terrible explanations).

So, to the guy who is sitting somewhere in Chicago: thank you so much for being my friend. I miss you a lot, but I am also so proud of you for getting so far. You are so smart, but somehow always manage to make me feel smart and empowered. Happy birthday - I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you get to spend it with people you love!

I normally do not write about others on my blog, but I have gotten so much support from my friends since I lost my pet and I know I can always count on them. This is as much an appreciation post for my American friend as it is for all my other friends. Thank you all for being here. I love you all so much!

Lots of Love,


P.S.: I have taken a little time off YouTube to deal with the loss of my rabbit, but I will be back with a new video on Sunday!

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