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Hey loves!

I have not written a post on here in weeks and the honest reason is that I felt like I had nothing to say. I normally write about whatever is on my mind, but it feels like a monotony has taken over my life. Do not get me wrong, I actually enjoy staying home and it is not something that bothers me. But there is simply little to no variety to my life at the moment. I get up at the same time every morning, sit down at my desk latest at 8am and start my live study with me sessions on my YouTube channel. I finish at 4pm and then I go through some emails and some more work. It may sound boring, but I get to do what I love everyday - yes, I am such a nerd that I can say that I actually love law.

A few days ago, I had a FaceTime call with a friend and I realised what a blessing my monotony actually is. Many people are struggling with keeping up a routine in quarantine and it has somehow come rather easily to me. I have always been someone who did not struggle much to stick to a schedule and so it was little to no surprise that I would have my quarantine time fully scheduled rather quickly.

There were a few not-so-monotonous highlights of my quarantine time as well: A few weeks ago, I received an email that a journal article a graduate student and I wrote was accepted for publication. This was an incredible moment for me as I had started writing this article a few months into law school and it feels so surreal that it will now be published. The fact that a professor was willing to give me a chance to write a paper for publication in his class despite the fact that I knew little to nothing about law at that point is something I never expected and I am incredible grateful for the opportunity. So yeah, I may have had a little dance party in my room once I found out the article would be published.

My YouTube channel also recently hit 40,000 subscribers which was a big milestone for me. A few months ago, I had less than 10,000 subscribers and my channel's recent growth had a lot of perks but also some not-so-great side effects. But even though hate comments are never great to read, they also taught me to stand up for myself a little more. I used to be super shy and a few years ago, some of these comments would probably have made me cry. Seeing my 20-year-old self cope so much better was a great achievement for me.

And lastly, I had a little quarantine photoshoot for myself. I enjoyed getting a little creative and playing around with my camera and a self-timer. I used to do that a lot more and it made me realise how much I missed my creative side. Spending a few hours in front of a camera and then in front of a screen to work on photoshop is a privilege I usually do not have during the term and so doing this felt like a little vacation.

But yeah, my life has nonetheless been largely monotonous. It may sound boring, but I am actually really happy with it. I may not have learned some cool new quarantine skills, but I love my little routine. So here is to celebrating the things that may not be exciting like your monotonous routine, but that can have a realty positive impact on your life.

Stay safe.

Lots of Love,


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