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Always a Slytherin

Hey loves!

I have been a Potterhead since I was a child and the magical world of Harry Potter is something by which I am still fascinated. Hardly any book has stayed with me as much as this series did, but I am also aware that these books are far from perfect when it comes to diversity and that their author has been in quite a few controversies. These things have definitely made me take a more critical look at the books, but I overall still like to return to the fantasy world of Harry Potter every once in a while.

Although many feel attracted to some of the houses which seem to have a better reputation, I somehow always found Slytherin fascinating. I loved the determination of Slytherin's students (though not their elitism), thought that their animal (a snake) was the coolest out of all of them, and I also found their house to be the most elegant one in terms of interior design (at least as it was shown in the movies).

And, of course, the character arch of Snape was a big 'yes' for Slytherin. I hope all of you Potterheads got the Snape reference in the title :)

I was recently browsing Etsy for headbands and I came across this amazing snake headband which I am wearing in the title picture. Headbands are one of my new favourite accessories because they keep my hair out of my face and they still look super fashionable. There are so many super creative headbands out there and I have been experimenting with a few. This headband is definitely my new favourite. I absolutely love the snake detail on top of the headband as it allows me to pay tribute to my favourite Potter house, but even if people do not get the reference, it still looks like a cool accessory.

I got this headband from MaighreadStuart on Etsy and it is the most comfortable headband I have ever owned. Some headbands are relatively on the inside, making them uncomfortable to wear after a while. But this headband is super soft on the head and also surprisingly light (despite it being relatively big).

This headband will definitely be my go-to headband for winter as the cold wind always tries to blow my hair in my face (preferably on days where I am wearing lipgloss so that it sticks right to my lips) and because it dresses up any simple black outfit.

If you have any tips on where else to find creative headbands that are comfy, let me know :)

Lots of Love,


(No mention of any products was sponsored)

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