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Off To New Adventures

Hey loves!

In less than 24 hours, my cousin and I will be on our way to Regensburg. If you are unsure how I ended up in Regensburg all the way from Cambridge, I explained it all in this video:

I am happy to go on my year abroad, but there is of course also - as always - a bit of fear and due to the entire world being in a new normal, a lot of uncertainty. Moving into a dormitory where I will likely have to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students is definitely a cause of concern for me, but I am also excited to meet new people. I just hope that my exchange university will have a good concept for social distancing and that we will all be able to meet safely - even if it means mainly talking via Zoom.

I have never been to Regensburg before and so I am excited to see what it will be like. It will probably be a big change from Hogwarts-like Cambridge, but I think it will be cool to study in my home country. I spent today packing and as usual, that takes away the time to worry about what things will be like once you are there.

Many of you guys have asked me in the past about how I managed to go abroad on my own so many times without being scared. The truth is that I was always scared. I also am now. Only I am not even going abroad this time. There is always some fear associated with going somewhere new where you know no-one. But that is also what makes the journey an opportunity to get new skills - learning how to meet new people, learning about a different culture (or, in my case, learning more about my own culture), and growing as a person through all of this.

Aside from the 'typical fears' of which most people would probably think - like 'will I make friends?' and 'will I do ok in my classes?,' there are also small fears like 'will my room be ok?' and 'will I like the food?' The uncertainty that comes with trying something new does cause a little bit of fear (and maybe even a lot), but it also means that when you go on that journey nonetheless, you overcome that fear and become just a little bit braver.

Let's see what Regensburg has in store for me. For now, here's what I am bringing to Regensburg:

See you tomorrow, Regensburg!

Lots of Love,


P.S.: The title picture of this blog post was taken by Fabian Mepic. You can find out more about this amazing photographer on his website or his Instagram.

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