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Hey loves!

Wearing masks to reduce the spread of the coronavirus is the new normal and I honestly struggle to remember what it was like to leave the house without a mask covering my nose and mouth. The only small issue I have with wearing a mask everyday is that it has not exactly been kind on my skin. Luckily, I did not get any big outbreaks of acne from wearing a mask, but it has dried out my skin quite a lot. So I went on a little googling journey to figure out what I could do against that and these two products have been absolute life-savers for me.

Please note that no mention of products in this blog post was sponsored. Although I am mentioning specific products that worked for me here, I think it is less about the specific brand/product that you use and more about the type of product and whether it works for your skin.

"Le Gommage" Face Peeling

Step one of getting my skin hydrated again is using a peeling. I use this at least two times a week to get rid of dead dry skin, but sometimes also three times because I have so much dry skin at the moment. What I love about this peeling is that it is very soft on the skin and therefore suitable for sensitive skin like my own. And, of course, the big selling point for me is that it does not break out my skin. Although I have had very good experiences with Chanel's skincare line, I know that their products are generally not recommended for people with acne because they contain perfume. So, as always when people talk about skincare, remember that different products work for different people.

"Hydra Beauty" Face Mask

Step two of getting my skin hydrated again is giving the skin hydration. I love using this face mask which you put on like normal face cream and just leave on overnight. This mask really gives your skin a hydration boost and I really appreciate that you do not have to take it off after a few minutes but instead it is a super-low-effort mask. I usually use the mask after I used the peeling in the evening and then just follow my normal skincare routine in the morning after.

And that is it from me. I hope that you guys found these tips helpful - I honestly do not think that you need an expensive face peeling or an expensive face mask. You just need products that work for your skin and expensive does not automatically mean that it is compatible with your skin. The reason why I tend to go for Chanel products when it comes to makeup and skincare is that I have realised while experimenting with different products that their products do not make me break out further and so I tend to stick with them. But their products do not work for every skin type and if you have a different brand whose products have worked for your skin so far, I would recommend looking for a peeling and a mask from them if you would like to try out this routine.

Keep wearing your masks to protect others.

Lots of Love,


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